ETHER | Oily Skin + Hair

The ether is the medium through which all other mediums flow. Through it all things interact at once. In its essence, the ether is our direct connection to the unknowable source. 

Without getting too cosmic, our ETHER is like a moisturizer for your energy field. Delicately formulated to blend synergistically with skin that has overactive sebaceous glands, it softens and regulates in natural harmony. 

Use on skin that is: 

  • Often shiny or thick with enlarged pores 

  • Prone to blackheads and other blemishes 

Use on scalp and hair that: 

  • Is prone to an oily, wet appearance soon after washing 

  • Requires frequent washing 


EQUILIBRIUM | Normal/Combo Skin + Hair

Equilibrium does not mean static balance; it’s a state of progression—endless transformational expressions of nature’s most savage beauty. 

Our EQUILIBRIUM is about taking the patterns that emerge from the chaos of creation and making them your own— taking those ripples and shaping your own fractal signature. 

Utilizing both chaotic and tranquil essences that connect and integrate with your skin’s rhythms, our EQUILIBRIUM keeps your skin in dynamic balance. 

Use on skin that is: 

  • Normal - Generally balanced, with an overall smooth texture. 

  • Combination - Oily in some areas and normal/dry in others. 

Use on scalp and hair that is: 

  • Generally calm, comfortably lasting a few days in between washes 


AQUIFER | Dry Skin + Hair

The aquifer is a meridian of the earth, more in the nature of acupuncture than cartography. The aquifer is fluid and solid at once. It is both nourishing and stabilizing. Ground your energy where it can take root— where the seeds of your mind can germinate and the lotus in your heart can bloom. 

Our AQUIFER is designed to quench thirst in the soul; the richly nourishing elements will replenish and stabilize skin that craves a more connected, grounded routine. 

Use on skin that: 

  • Appears dull and/or rough, with some flaking in areas 

  • Lacks elasticity, with accentuated fine lines and wrinkles 

Use on scalp and hair that is: 

  • Quite dry, perhaps frizzy, requiring minimal washes during the week 

  • Flaking, perhaps itchy, with dandruff 


Simple Moisturizer: 

After cleansing, pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and massage onto slightly damp skin and ends of hair.

With Remedy Oils:

  1. After cleansing, pour a small amount of your base oil into the palm of your hand.

  2. Add a drop or two of your remedy oils

  3. Massage onto slightly damp skin or into hair.


Oil Cleanser:

  1. Mix 2 parts of base oil to 1 part castor oil. 

  2. Massage into dry skin in circular motions, just enough to remove any debris and makeup. 

  3. Drape a warm-to-hot damp towel over your face, lightly steaming your skin for about 10 seconds. 

  4. Using the cloth, gently wipe away the cleanser, taking makeup, dirt and dead skin along with it. Be gentle—do not rub. 

  5. Rinse the cloth and repeat the steaming/wiping process up to four more times.

For Scalp + Hair:

Using either your base oil alone, or your base oil mixed with LOCKS, massage a small amount on the ends of clean hair to lightly condition, as well as to prevent frizz and control flyaways.

As a hair mask:

Do once a week or every few weeks to deeply condition your scalp and hair. 

  1. Dip fingertips into oil, and massage into sectioned areas of scalp and hair. 

  2. Leave on for at least 30min before shampooing or overnight (tying hair in a braid and sleeping on a towel are advised). 

  3. Shampoo well afterwards, and style as usual.