Lactobacillus Ferment

by Lauren Bullen on

Lactobacillus ferment is the fermentation of the very popular and well known lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria. Lactobacillus bacteria actually belong to a branch of microbes known as “probiotics” that...

Lavender: The violet sage

by Lauren Bullen on

Also known as Lavandula angustifolia, the lavender flower has been used throughout the world for its simple beauty and calming aroma. Today you can normally find its essence...

The Baobab tree: Mother of the forest

by Lauren Bullen on

The ancient and remarkable baobab tree is an important, highly valued, and unique genus of tree native to the regions of Central, Southern Africa and Australia. It is...

Japanese Knotweed: The resveratrol rejuvenator

by Lauren Bullen on

What is Japanese Knotweed? The first thing you see when typing in Japanese knotweed into google will be an extensive number of articles, papers, and blogs telling you...

Gotu Kola: The cleanser herb

by Lauren Bullen on

What is Gotu Kola? The longevity herb, Gotu Kola, is a broad leafed perennial plant that has had a long history of being used for mind, body and...

Tamanu oil: Benefits and uses

by Lauren Bullen on

What is Tamanu oil? Tamanu oil is an emollient derived from the nuts and seeds of the tamanu tree, a tropical plant native to the sub equatorial regions...

The incredible properties of the Snow Fungus: Tremella Fuciformis

by Lo Eli on

Tremella Fuciformis (also known as Silver Ear/Snow Fungus/White Wood Ear/Bai Mu Er) Image Source: Steve Axford At some point you’ll realize we’re a little obsessed with mushrooms. Their...

This Edible Cactus is one of our Star Ingredients

by Teenna Tsang on

Opuntia Ficus Indica is a truly prized component of MYŌTH's Base Oils. This spiky superstar has superior levels of vitamins and antioxidants that are incredibly healing and beneficial...

Anti-Aging, Immune-Boosting, Brain-Enhancing Super-Shroom

by Teenna Tsang on

All about this anti-aging, immune-boosting, brain-enhancing super shroom - including a delicious traditional Chinese sweet soup recipe.