Lavender: The violet sage
Lauren Bullen
Lavender: The violet sage
Lauren Bullen

Also known as Lavandula angustifolia, the lavender flower has been used throughout the world for its simple beauty and calming aroma. Today you can normally find its essence and oil in perfumes and air fresheners. However, lavender flower extract has been used throughout history for a wide range of medicinal, cosmetic and even spiritual purposes.

In ancient Rome and Egypt the lavender flower extract and lavender oil lotion was highly prized as both an ingredient in ungruents and perfumes used by royalty and as a potent element in healing wounds, burns and treating skin problems. A Greek physician of the time noted lavender’s ability for regenerative healing by explaining its “healing and antiseptic qualities, for its usefulness in deterring insects, and for using it in washing”. Pliny the elder, another noted Greek physician, found that lavender was effective at positively healing and calming “menstrual problems, upset stomachs, kidney disorders, jaundice, dropsy and treating insect bites.” Priests would also use this nourishing oil as a means of sweetening the air at hospices and incense in religious ceremonies and rituals. This gave them the chance to better connect with nature and the goddess Hestia, the matron of hearth and home.

Unfortunately, lavender olive oil saw little use in the middle ages and was relegated to being grown in church gardens for use in medicine. It was often used alongside other medicinal plants as herbal remedies and eventually saw widespread use once again in the renaissance, most notably in pre-revolutionary France and Victorian Britain. Throughout these times, lavandula angustifolia oil was used to reliably cleanse skin, treat infections and treat stress related skin conditions.

"The plant itself is hardy, invasive, self-propagating and grows best with no maintenance or water at all, which aligns with our zero-waste ethos perfectly."

In the present day, lavender and therefore lavandula angustifolia oil, can be found in all corners of the world (barring Antarctica of course). It’s an essential element in various teas and tinctures, providing people with the chance to utilise lavender’s spiritual properties as well as its medicinal ones. Its gentle aroma can be used to induce sleep, ease stress and even relieve depression, helping us to mould our surroundings into a place of peace, rest and tranquility. It has been used to help ease the burdens on our bodies by relieving inflammation, or bleeding. When placed on the forehead, it helps to restore skin balance and your skin cycle by helping to relieve congestion in the sinus, skin blemishes, quell pain or irritation in the mind, relieve tension and soothe exhausted bodies and spirits. Studies have also shown that “limited clinical trials support therapeutic use of lavender for pain, hot flushes, and postnatal perineal discomfort.” Making lavender oil extract an ideal cleansing oil for acne and natural cleansing oil for facial congestion.

Health benefits of Lavender essential oil

Organic lavender essential oil has a number of benefits that help make it the perfect cleansing oil for sensitive skin and a guide to creating greater equilibrium in our lives.

  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial

    Much like calendula oil, tamanu oil and baobab seed oil, organic lavender essential oil is excellent at cleansing your skin of bacteria and relieving inflammation. Studies have shown that lavender oil is one of the best oil cleansers for acne and reducing inflammation.
  • Stress reliever and sleep inducer

    Organic lavender essential oil has been documented throughout history to help with inducing sleep and relieving stress. As mentioned previously, the ancient Romans and Egyptians used it to help relieve them of stress and modern studies suggest that there is some truth to this.
  • Improved healing

    organic lavender essential oil’s antibacterial properties show some effectiveness at cleaning wounds, scars and blemishes. Studies also suggest that using lavender oil for burns helps speed up the recovery and healing of skin affected.
  • Eases menstrual cramps, pain and itches

    One of the major benefits to using organic lavender essential oils is its ability to ease headaches, menstrual cramps and postnatal perineal discomfort . Studies have shown that ”Limited clinical trials support therapeutic use of lavender for pain, hot flushes, and postnatal perineal discomfort”. Lavender is excellent at relieving some pain and discomfort after child-birth, helping one to center themselves and their surroundings.

Recommended products to use with Lavender

With so many topical creams and oils that claim to include organic lavender body oil, it is always best to stay informed on which of these creams and oils work best for you.


    Renew remedy oil is a simple hydrating cleansing oil utilising an organic and complex combination of Organic Lavender Essential Oil with Organic Argan Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Helichrysum Essential Oil, Gotu Kola and Wildcrafted Japanese Knotweed. It combines these unique and ecologically friendly ingredients to provide you the perfect tincture to renew skin by cleansing and smoothing unsightly scars and marks.

    Clarify remedy oil is another simple hydrating cleansing oil specifically designed to eliminate toxins from affected areas of your skin making it the perfect oil for treating acne, pimples, skin inflammation, minor burns and scratches. Combining Organic Lavender Essential Oil with Neem Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Organic Sacha Inchi Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Thyme Essential Oil, Wildcrafted Burdock Root, Calendula oil turns what was once stress affected skin into radiant skin, what was once dry hair into luminous hair, protecting you against all manner of stress related skin conditions. Making CLARIFY the best face oil for sensitive skin.

How to apply oils

However as with all things it is best to find out if applying Organic Lavender Essential Oil doesn’t have any unintended consequences for you or those around you. To begin with, think about applying a very small amount of Organic Lavender Essential Oil onto a non-sensitive area of your skin, like a forearm or hand and see if there are any reactions to it being there.

If no reaction is felt then you may begin consistently applying a base oil and one of the oils listed above to the affected area of skin. Adjust the amount needed to be applied on the size of the affected area of skin.

For further instructions on how to apply and use World of Myoth oils and powders refer to this instructional guide.

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