Simplify the complexities -

Behold the intricacies.

Nourish your temple -

The more love we give it, the more love it gives back.

Align yourself with natural laws -

We evolved with the nature that surrounds us. If we model ourselves on its cycles and processes, we are working smarter, not harder.

Bring resonance into your surrounding spaces -

Everything is energy, which can be transmuted and tuned.

Learn how to use the tools -

To many - a mineral, a sound, an elixir, a scent - may seem to have little utility.  But if you learn about your tools, you will see they can support you in wonderful ways. Do you need all of them? No. You will develop your own preferred methods, means, and media.

Empower yourself with knowledge -  

‘Knowledge without reflection is a waste. Reflection without knowledge is dangerous.’ Pursue, retain, apply, and make it an art.

Become autonomous -

Through knowledge + intuition.

Understand the unseen influences at play around us -

We provide resources that explore our existence through physics and otherwise.

Reshape your myth -

You write your own story, craft it from a place of intent.