Waste-free, exquisite vessels + customizable blends for daily face, body, and hair rituals.

Dermis X MYŌTH

Anoint yourself with pure earth-given extracts.

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Otherworldly landscapes. Curated, high-quality minerals work to align your body, your space, and your psyche.

Mineralium X MYŌTH

Align yourself with elemental rhythms.

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What our sisters are saying

"Super high-quality, incredible brand that creates a space for daily connecting with all that you are.”

Chelsea Bakke, Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist, Four Seasons Spa, St. Louis

I've experimented with many different facial oils for over 6 years, and the Dermis base and remedy oils have far superior results. 

Toni M.

I absolutely love the ceremonious gesture of creating my own healing potions each day.