Our Story

How It started

In 2012, I returned to the US from Asia, and in my culture shock became deeply disillusioned by the unfathomable amount of single use plastic and harsh chemicals that the cosmetic industry produced, along with its incessant marketing ploys. I decided to start making my own oils and clays, and bottled them in vintage perfume bottles. Although beautiful and natural, I had no idea what I was doing in terms of formulation. But it was the beginning of a personal movement.

In 2018, I met Teenna Tsang, a brilliant herbalist with a passion for skin, holistic health, and the microbiome. Together, with her expertise in effective natural formulations and my desire to bottle skincare differently we created the first line of MYŌTH: the Dermis Line. Although Teenna has since stepped back to focus on her own consultancy, her incredible formulas remain a staple of our brand.  

In 2022, I moved operations from Hong Kong to the US, with plans to offer more designs that facilitate Āra creation. The intention behind the skincare line remains the intention behind all of our products. Make things from nature, honor our customer’s personal spaces, and inspire empowering daily practices. 

About the Founder

Lo Eli

I moved 23 times before the age of 30, often from one country to another. In each new home, I instinctively created a refuge in my room to integrate new experiences and realign.

When I began working in interior design, it was with the intention of creating spaces that helped people escape reality. I later came full circle back in learning that the “escape” does not have to be to faraway places or isolated to acute crises. Incredible places exist within us, and we can access them daily if we choose, just beneath the skin’s surface. A devoted physical threshold through which to step into the textures and felt senses of our inner landscape is attainable at home. And so the concept of the Āra evolves.  
In addition to 15 years working in interior design, styling, and art, I am a also certified in Reiki, Facial Reflexology, and I am currently undergoing training in Feminine Embodiment at the School of Embodied Arts.

Contact Us

All inquiries and order-related questions, please contact us at info@worldofmyoth.com.