The Āra Set

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We call it the Āra. 

Synergy between your skin, your inner landscapes, and your outer reality. Beauty and authenticity reflected in your surroundings. A skin care set to mix, flow and adapt to your natural daily and seasonal cycles.

Together, these 5 elements provide over 15 different uses and applications.

Step into your inner world as you connect to the beauty and healing power of the earth's raw elements.

The Āra Set is the ultimate minimalist's set, including:

Three superb quality skin potions contained within exquisite, timeless glass vessels.

Nebula Powder: Magical minerals and clays. Revered Asian ingredients like pearl, silk, tea, and rice. Healing Ayurvedic treasures like (sustainable) sandalwood and ashwagandha. Created with 100% natural, exfoliating ingredients that detoxify the epidermal layer, this incredibly light, cloud-like beauty powder can be used for a multitude of applications as a Cleanser, Gentle Exfoliant, and Balancing Mask or a Setting Powder, Dry Shampoo, and Deodorant while encouraging cell turnover for luminous skin and hair.

Base Oil: Multi-functional applications and gentle formulas that contain vitamin E-rich prickly pear seed oil and olive-derived squalane. These non-comedogenic, super gentle, essential oil-free formulas cleanse and soothe skin that’s both young and old. Use as a face and body moisturizer, cleanser, massage oil, all-over hair oil and more. Choose the oil for your skin type above.

Shroom Serum:  Hydrate, restore and support the skin barrier with Mushrooms, Microbes, Seaweed. Harnessing the superb water-retention of Snow Fungus to deliver hydration to the dermis; adaptogenic Reishi and Shiitake mushrooms to support the flow of cell renewal; and probiotics to nurture an ecology of beneficial microbes amidst the skin’s microbiome, Shroom Serum gradually restores the skin’s natural ability to regulate itself as it interfaces with an unpredictable world. 

Two hand-carved mineral tools:

Moss Agate Gua Sha: Invigorate your skin with our uniquely shaped, one of a kind Gua Sha board for face head, neck, chest and arms.

Stone Massage Wand + Dropper: Nature's abstract art in a sculptural dropper fitted to our bottles, these tools allow you to drop oil into your palm without lifting the bottle. The dropper can then be used as a facial massage wand. 

Each stone is ethically sourced, selected and hand-carved in Indonesia by a trusted artisanal miner. It is extracted with hand tools in the crevices of volcanic formations.

The diverse colors and opacity levels shift within these minerals, making each tool a unique work of art. 

 Use this set to Define your Āra.

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