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Note: this listing is for the wand only, to be used in combination with any Dermis potion.

The crystalline answer to single-use threaded caps and synthetic dropper bulbs. A plastic-free sculpted piece of crystal as a natural solution to a modern requirement - extracting a precise amount of drops out of a bottle... and beautifully capping the bottle when not in use.

But this tool does even more with less. Use it also as a facial massage tool: use the sphere to caress the skin in gentle, stone-cool sweeps and circles.

This tool is hand-carved, and each one is naturally unique.

- As a plastic-free dropper for oils and viscous serums

- Facial massage tool: after applying your oil, use the large end to glide in small gentle circles around the face.

- Facial reflexology tool: use the small end for targeted reflexology zones.

A stone of renewal, trust and hope. Moss Agate carries within it a deep connection to nature, helping to release stress and expand personal space. It assists in developing certainty of communication, giving clarity through balance of intuition and intellect. Placed in contact with skin, moss agate encourages circulation, expedites tissue recovery, and is believed to aid the flow of the lymphatic system, making it an ideal stone for a facial tool.

The diverse colors and opacity levels shift within this mineral, making each wand a unique work of art.

Our material is ethically sourced in Indonesia by an artisanal miner, extracted with hand tools in the crevices of volcanic formations. The material is then crafted in small batches by our artisan in the same locality.

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