Moss Agate Gua Sha - Handcarved, Small Batch

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Painterly patterns of stone recall surreal landscapes of water, forest, and lava.  This unusual Gua Sha can be applied to the face, scalp, neck, chest and arms. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

The practice of using gua sha increases blood flow to the treated area, aids lymphatic circulation to remove toxins, and can be used to relax muscle tension. The pointed end of the tool can also be applied in reflexology and acupressure methods.

*Please note that the images shown are a selection only, shown to give a reference of the variation in this natural material. Each tool is visually unique and may not correspond with the images shown. 

Our Gua Sha tool comes with a guide on the methodologies, benefits, contraindications, and applications for this tool.

However there are multiple ways in which to use your tool to increase flow or stimulate pressure points. Play with it, and experiment with what feels best for you.

These Gua Sha are crafted in limited batch quantities determined by the size of a single stone.

Each stone is ethically sourced, selected and carved in Indonesia by a trusted artisanal miner. It is extracted with hand tools in the
crevices of volcanic formations.

The gua sha are then hand-carved by an independent artisan in the same locality that the agate is sourced.

The diverse colors and opacity levels shift within this mineral, making each board a unique work of art.  The colors vary between green, white, blue, purple, gold, black and even red.

A stone of renewal, trust and hope, Moss agate carries within it a deep connection to nature, helping us release stress and expand personal space. It assists us in developing certainty of communication, offering clarity through balance of intuition and intellect. Moss agate is associated with circulation, tissue recovery, and the flow of the lymphatic system, making it a beautiful and symbolic stone for the ritual of gua sha.

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