Palo Santo

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Naturally fallen branches from Peru’s forests, this fragrant wood’s resin gives off a soothing scent and purifying etheric smoke.

This rare and sustainably harvested stock of Palo Santo wedges are of generous size and, being extra resinous, give off divine notes of coconut and mint before even going over a flame.  Their smoking embers are immediate space and odour purifiers and are believed to have medicinal and therapeutic healing power. Long-lasting and beautiful, these twisted wood wedges cool down the senses and lift surrounding energies.

As a tool, the smoke from lit palo santo can cleanse the air, or when you are feeling down or tense, is a great way to get control of your thoughts and radiate good intentions into your space. Let the palo santo catch a flame and then as the flame extinguishes, the smoke will rise for about a minute.  Use your hand (not your breath) to circulate the smoke into corners of the room, and if energetically cleansing yourself or another person, from just over your head downwards. 

You can also use herbal smoke as a method of cleansing your crystals. Hold and rotate them over the smoke.

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