Dermis x MYOTH

We believe our daily rituals should feel innate. To be in accordance with nature. To help you feel more grounded and intuitive.

An uncomplicated, streamlined skincare practice that helps you achieve a state of blissful relaxation, with the flexibility to customize to your daily needs.

  • Always made with 100% natural ingredients that you understand.
  • Contained within exquisite, timeless vessels that are more adornment and less propaganda.
  • Customizable to flow with your ever evolving needs.

Our Base Oils are our signature multifunctional oils for your face, body, and hair.

Formulated with age-defying squalane and organic prickly pear seed oils, they contain high levels of natural forms of vitamin E, sterols, and polyphenols to boost collagen production and skin regeneration.

Suitable for the most sensitive of skin types, they contain no essential oils or fragrances of any kind.

Use as a face and body moisturizer, cleanser, massage oil, all-over hair oil and more.

Choose from one of three skin type variations, these non-comedogenic, super gentle formulas cleanse and soothe skin that’s both young and old.



As a simple Moisturizer: 

After cleansing, pour a small amount into the palm of your hand and massage onto slightly damp skin and ends of hair.

With Remedy Oils:

  1. After cleansing, pour a small amount of your base oil into the palm of your hand.

  2. Add a drop or two of your remedy oilsBase Oil to Remedy Oil Proportion

  3. Massage onto slightly damp skin or into hair.

Oil Cleanser:

  1. Mix 2 parts of base oil to 1 part castor oil. 

  2. Massage into dry skin in circular motions, just enough to remove any debris and makeup. 

  3. Drape a warm-to-hot damp towel over your face, lightly steaming your skin for about 10 seconds. 

  4. Using the cloth, gently wipe away the cleanser, taking makeup, dirt and dead skin along with it. Be gentle—do not rub. 

  5. Rinse the cloth and repeat the steaming/wiping process up to four more times.

For Scalp + Hair:

Using either your base oil alone, or your base oil mixed with LOCKS, massage a small amount on the ends of clean hair to lightly condition, as well as to prevent frizz and control flyaways.

As a hair mask:

Do once a week or every few weeks to deeply condition your scalp and hair. 

  1. Dip fingertips into oil, and massage into sectioned areas of scalp and hair. 

  2. Leave on for at least 30min before shampooing or overnight (tying hair in a braid and sleeping on a towel are advised). 

  3. Shampoo well afterwards, and style as usual. 



Our Remedy Oils pack a potent punch of healing power. 

Concerned about redness? Hyperpigmentation? Blemishes? Cellulite? Find solace by customizing your experience and targeting various skin concerns with our Remedy Oils.

Supercharge your Base Oil or moisturizer by mixing in a couple drops of your desired Remedy Oil, or apply alone for a more intensive solution*.

Made with ingredients that are organic or wildcrafted wherever possible, our oils get their magnificent colours from the vibrant plant power that goes into them.

*If applying neat - only do so for a couple days, and then take a day or two off, to avoid skin sensitization. Avoid the eye area completely.



Magical minerals and clays. Revered Asian ingredients like pearl, silk, tea, and rice. Healing Ayurvedic treasures like sustainable sandalwood and ashwagandha.

Created with 100% natural, exfoliating ingredients that detoxify the epidermal layer, this incredibly light, cloud-like beauty powder can be used for a multitude of applications, while encouraging cell turnover for luminous skin and hair.

Use it for everything. Cleanser. Mask. Exfoliator. Skin brightener. Mattifying powder. Anti-chafing powder. Dry Shampoo. 

In every application, this cosmic dust is at work as powerful antioxidant and brightener. 




  • There are no parabens, silicones, artificial fragrances, petroleum, sulphates, phthalates, PEGs, DEA, TEA, or any other chemicals in our products.
  • Made with ingredients that are organic, wildcrafted, or natural, cruelty-free and sustainable. We select our ingredients based on their efficacy, supreme healing properties, and for their end use.
  • Our dermis products are lovingly crafted in small batches by hand with proprietary formulas that have been carefully created and tested for optimal efficacy.