The Gua Sha

The gua sha is made with moss agate; ethically sourced in
Indonesia by an artisanal miner and extracted with hand tools in the
crevices of volcanic formations. Our custom-designed gua sha board is
then crafted in small batches by our artisan in the same locality.

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Color Algae Forest

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Painterly patterns of stone recall surreal landscapes of water, forest, and lava.  This unusual Gua Sha can be applied to the face, scalp, neck, chest and arms. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

The practice of using gua sha increases blood flow to the treated area, aids lymphatic circulation to remove toxins, and can be used to relax muscle tension. The pointed end of the tool can also be applied in reflexology and acupressure methods.

*Please note that the images shown are a selection only, shown to give a reference of the variation in this natural material. Each tool is visually unique and may not correspond with the images shown.